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Welcome to Spotlight

"We're not about finding the BEST performer,
we're about finding the BEST in each performer" 

Singing, Dancing and Acting...
 All in one class! 

Come to our Grand Opening this Saturday from 10-5 at our new location on the corner of Bell and Reems!

 (15609 W. Bell Rd. Suite 111 & 112)

Click below to view the schedule for our Grand Opening 

  Attention all Singers, Dancers and Actors...
Let's put on a show!

View the links below to see short samples of two of our shows
Our unique course includes a Three Part class that offers the best of:
  • Voice Trainingand proper techniques that will help them develop singing ability, learn and understand music and give them the opportunity to perform many different styles of music.

  • Musical Theater dance training which includes a variety of dance techniques, choreography and movement. Stage Presence and Performance is also taught so that no matter what skill level each student may have...they will shine on stage!

  • Acting Classes that will teach each child to feel & act more like their characters. This will help them build confidence on stage and confidence while performing in front of a live audience. As well as develop a strong sense of Showmanship!

    We are excited thatCori Hailmann has joined ourteam!Cori is an amazing dance teacher with over 7 years of dance experience,a GCU dance major, and a former Diamondbacks dancer! Check out her dance classes, and sign up today!
Watch their auditions and choose your favorites!